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Planned litter

Once again, I have spent way more time than I probably should, looking at various potential matches for Fae's first litter.  After sorting through dozens of dogs, looking at working traits, health information, temperament, pedigree, and physical traits, I have decided to breed her to Mags' littermate, Champ.  Champ is a working dog from central Montana, where he helps manage a small mixed-stock farm.  Like Mags, Champ is extremely athletic, has good working instincts, and a friendly, outgoing temperament.  His hips are outstanding, with PennHIP Distraction Indices of .26/.28.  He is a natural bobtail.
I expect this cross will produce good working dogs with a good drive and oodles of stamina, great temperaments, resilient, very in-tune with their owners, athletic -- dogs that can do well in a wide variety of settings.
The Coefficient of Inbreeding for this cross is 1.3.  The repeats between the two pedigrees include Shininger's Brandy (four times on Fae's side, once on Champ's), the Butcher's Foothill's Augtu x McCall's Princess cross (once on each side of the pedigree), and many generations back, four crosses to the Helms dogs (one on Champ's side, three on Fae's) that were known as smart, thinking working dogs. Pedigree for the litter here.

Champ and Fae have been bred, with pups due about July 8, and ready for new homes around September 2.

If you are interested in a pup, copy and paste my puppy application into a Word document, and send it to me via email or the US Post Office.

Orchard Hill Champ at five years old.

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