Orchard Hill Ranch 

our English shepherds

Our dogs came here (or stayed here) to be our working dogs.  Since we sold our livestock, their jobs have changed.  They are now vermin hunters (mice, ground squirrels, marmots, etc.); guard our place - alerting us to visitors, keeping deer out of the yard and garden (good dogs!!), and chasing off any threat when we have little puppies; and our faithful companions - hiking with us, learning tricks, learning manners, and snuggling with us.  They have also been the impetus for me to learn about canine health and genetics - reading widely, taking classes, learning through health issues from time to time, learning about the genetics of the breed and what is the best course to maintain the genetic diversity of the breed while producing good working dog prospects.  

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Placeholder Picture         Mace    
Placeholder Picture                 Ember

Placeholder Picture        Mags
Placeholder Picture                Fae
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