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Rietman litter

Mickey and Lacey live on a small stock farm in western Oregon where they help manage the livestock and are hiking companions. They anticipated Heidi's plans for them, and produced a litter of nine pups in early February, 2019.  These pups have a working pedigree to die for - grandsire Cash has long been my gold-standard for what a working English Shepherd should be like; grandsire Howie has his AHBA Herding Championship, as does his dam; Lacey's great-grandsire is a littermate brother to Thomas's Boston, Mace's sire and a wonderful working dog; grandma Ember has been my go-to helper for stock work that required finesse; great-grandsire Cody Boy was a wonderful cow dog for his owners; great-granddam Lucy is a wonderful working dog for her owners with their cattle and sheep.  
Mickey is MDR1 N/N, as is Lacey.  Mickey's hips are PennHIP .25/.27, Lacey is OFA Good.  
Both Lacey and Mickey are good all around farm dogs and helpers, in addition to being having great temperaments. Lacey spunky and sweet and Mickey confiding, kind, and playful. Both like children.
The litter was 2 females and 6 males, three tri's and 6 black and white. Three of the puppies (two tri's and a black/white) are spoken for. Still available are 5 males (1 tri, 4 black/white) and 1 black/ white female. The puppies are all being well socialized from the canine and human perspective. They are all bundles of fun and their personalities are emerging more every day. They will be exposed to chickens, sheep, and cats before they are sent to their new homes.

If interested, contact Heidi Rietman, hrietman@yahoo.com.

Mickey (seal and white) and Lacey (clear sable and white).  

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                                                                                                       Puppies at five weeks.

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                                                                                                      Mickey's look-alike son

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