Orchard Hill Ranch 

English shepherds

Mags Mags' Pedigree

MAGS is a pup from our 2011 litter. After taking the time and making the long trip to Iowa to breed Ember to Partlow's Buster Brown, we decided that we better keep one for ourselves to see if the cross lived up to my expectations. It was tough to decide among 10 very nice pups, but Mags won out with her balanced temperament; calm, confident manner; and her love of life. 

She loves to go for walks with me, and spends time exploring all the scents and tracks and trails left by deer, coyotes, mice, and other wildlife. While she enjoys exploring, she comes running whenever I call, and never strays too far away.

Mags is a very energetic, biddable dog - she has the best recall of all the dogs here. She is interested in stock work, and is showing more enthusiasm as she gets older. Helping one of the big dogs work has encouraged her, and she has shown good instincts along with increasing 'presence' with the stock. She is very quick to learn anything I try to teach her. She doesn't have a strong drive to retrieve things like a ball or frisbee, but we are working on that.

She has a lot of energy, likes to jump (and seems to have springs in her legs). Along with Ember, Mags loves to hunt ground squirrels, marmots, and mice.

On January 23, 2014, Mags was out running, and didn't come when called. Hours later, she showed up at the back door, not able to use her left front leg. We thought it was broken, but x-rays the next day showed it was not. She did have classic symptoms of having nerve damage to that leg. The vet gave us advice for her care. A month later, I took her to the neurological vet at the Washington State University Vet Hospital. Their evaluation was that she had damaged the nerve roots for that leg right next to the spine, probably from getting it caught somewhere and pulling on it (like if it was caught while she was running). She regained some feeling and movement, to a little below her elbow. But in the end, managing the sore that was constantly on her paw from hitting it and not feeling it, recurrent infections, and little additional improvement after 10 months, led us to have her leg amputated at the elbow.  She didn't miss a beat, and is just as active as before, including hunting, racing, playing, and taking on a cow or two if they get in her way when she's crossing the pasture.

Description: Tri-color with a natural bobtail. At three years, she is about 19" tall and weighs 35 lb. She has a sleek, leggy build, and semi-pricked ears, like her great-grandsire Abe.

Mags is registered with both the English Shepherd Club Registry and the UKC as Orchard Hill Steel Magnolia.

Health Screening: PennHIP .35/.36. This is better than 80% of the 254 English Shepherds who have been evaluated by PennHIP. She is MDR1 normal/normal by pedigree (both parents are normal/normal). Tested normal/mutant for CEA and PRA-prcd. Mags will only be bred to dogs that have been tested and are not carriers for those diseases.