Orchard Hill Ranch 

English shepherds


Mace's Pedigree

MACE is my cow dog, my buddy, and local vermin harasser. He was bred by Mary Peaslee of Shepherd's Way English Shepherds, and was born September 4, 2005. As an adult, he stands 22.5" tall, and weighs just over 60 pounds. He is a gorgeous, friendly boy with all the working instincts of the breed! 

Mace loves to help with chores, whether it's keeping the calves out of the barn or moving the whole herd. He "turned on" to cattle when he was four months old, when he helped put a neighbor's calf back in its lot. He is not easily discouraged by cattle challenging him, or by my mistakes. He had no problem teaching our cattle to be worked with a dog. He also works our sheep, toning down his manner to suit them. When we had sheep, we generally had 25 to 50 ewes and lambs, and I usually worked them all together. He gathers to me, holds them at a gate, and we're starting to work on driving. He does it all. On October 31, 2009, Mace earned his HRD I (s) title with the American Herding Breed Association.

As of December, 2010, he has sired four litters of English shepherd pups, most of which have gone to working homes where they are continuing the legacy of the breed. 

He's also an avid Frisbee dog, or Kong bone dog, or whatever else we will throw for him.

He's very loving, a real "English shadow", always right there by me, looking for ways to help and watching out for me. I like his resilience as well as his natural instincts and feel for the livestock. He knows much better than I do how to control them. He's my right-hand dog. Everyone who meets him loves him.

Color: Sable and white

Mace is ESCR, UKC, and AWFA registered

Health Screening: PennHIP .22/.35; tested normal/normal for MDR1, CEA and PRA-prcd