Orchard Hill English Shepherds

JOSIE died March 20, 2013, just four days shy of her fourth birthday. She was carrying her first litter of pups at the time. She was always spunky, playful, adventurous, athletic, and loving, and had all the makings of a good cow dog, sheep dog, and all around best friend to Craig. She was bold and biddable, with a strong desire to work stock. She weighed 55 pounds, and stood 20" tall. Her parents were Carol Greet's Lucas and Elsa at Rimrock English Shepherds.

Josie loved attention and wanted to be where her people were. She liked to be in on the action, and loved to fetch a ball or a Frisbee, or anything else you would throw for her. She had a great sense of adventure, and was always 'up' for any jaunt with her people. She hunted avidly, and was always on the alert to chase hawks out of the yard.

Josie also loved to work stock, just like her parents. Craig had trained her to follow direction, and she was a big help in gathering sheep from a large pasture, or bringing the gimpy cow up for her grain. She showed good instincts, and was always keen to work, biddable, and listened for direction. She showed drive and aptitude for air-scenting in a search and rescue context, but had trouble getting her people to train her further.

Josie is registered with the English Shepherd Club Registry.

Health screening: PennHIP .32/.33 No DJD, MDR1 normal/normal

Working pictures
Josie moving sheep out of the pen.
Training Mace
Training Ember
Training Josie
Josie at 22 months.