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FAE is a sable and white granddaughter of Mace and Hetzner's Mona. On her sire's side, she is a granddaughter of Mace's half-sister, Mary Peaslee's Belle, so she is linebred on Mary's Raven, who is a thinking dog, who likes to figure the job out for herself, then quietly get it done. Hagle's Ring, her dam, is Sue's right hand dog for managing their Low-line Angus cattle. When Ring of Shepherd's Way, her sire, was visiting, he showed very nice instincts and initiative in helping with the cattle.

From the time she was little, she has had a sense of humor and playfulness. She loves water (and didn't get that from Grandpa Mace!). She is my shadow already, though she loves to go riding with Craig too. She continues to be very playful - helping me in the garden by giving weeds that I pull an extra shake, helping dig a little more, grabbing anything loose at hand and racing off with it, and she LOVES to pop bubble wrap!

She takes new things in stride, as any good farm girl would. Strange goings-on don't faze her. After arriving home, she met the big dogs, and soon decided that they were okay, and is fitting right in with the pack. At first she was cautious about playing with them, but now that she's grown, and knows them better, she frequently invites them to rough-house. Even Grandpa Mace, who is a curmudgeon, tolerates her shenanigans.

Fae attended the Oregon English Shepherd Gathering at the end of August, 2015, and got to try barnyard agility. She also was introduced to sheep. At first they intimidated her, but once she figured out that she could move them, she was all in. She showed nice gather and drive, good presence that she can turn on and off, and just had fun. In April, 2016, she attended a Lynn Leach clinic, working goats this time.  She did very well, Lynn complimented both her and her sister Ruby.  Fae was eager to work, took direction well, and just enjoyed herself.

We have also been working on tricks together. She shows a lot of aptitude for nosework, and happily offers behaviors when learning new tricks.

Born April 8, 2015.

Color: Sable and white with a full tail. At one year, she is about 21.5" tall and weighs just over 50 lb. She is athletic, leggy, and has almost-pricked ears. The ears go up and down with her mood.

Fae is registered with the UKC and the ESCR as Orchard Hill's Fae.

Health Screening: PennHIP .26/.37; Normal/Normal for MDR1, CEA and PRA-prcd