Orchard Hill Ranch 

English shepherds

                                                                        Ember Ember's Pedigree

EMBER has an outstanding temperament. She loves everyone she meets. She is extremely biddable, and wants to please. She is a very calm dog in every respect. She mothers baby lambs and bottle calves, and took our new puppy on as a surrogate auntie. She has become bold and tenacious in warning off coyotes and other predators. She is comfortable around our farm equipment, appropriately cautious but not fearful.

Ember is very good at seeing what I am trying to do, and stepping in to help. She helps me drive cattle by taking the flank opposite to the one I am on, and quietly keeping the cattle tucked together and moving in the right direction. Ember works cattle calmly and quietly. She is the dog I choose when I need to move cows and young calves.

Ember's sire, Dawg, is a working cow dog in South Dakota. He was not registered until he was bred to Butcher's Bobbi (Ember's dam) at 12 years of age. His family is also unregistered, but all are good working English shepherds, and I am so pleased to have a representative of that line.

Ember loves to hunt as do many dogs in her family. She is an avid mouser, ground hog hunter, and squirrel chaser. She quarters for birds when out for a walk, and flushes them. Her sense of smell is acute, as she will scent birds at least 100 feet away.

She has a very athletic build, being tall and leggy, like a long-distance runner. She can go all day. She can jump exceptionally well. Her coat is light enough for the heat in the summer, and yet keeps her warm in an Idaho winter. Both of her parents are working dogs. She weighs 42 pounds, and is 21" tall. She was born 2/1/2008.

Ember's pups: Ember has had three litters, one with Mace, one to Partlow's Buster Brown, and the third with Foliar Farm's Bodhi. All three litters were very nice, and the pups have gone on to be loving family members and farm helpers. Information on each of those litters is on their own litter pages - Mace x Ember, Buster x Ember, and Bodhi x Ember. I don't expect to breed Ember again.

Ember is registered with the ESCR (Step-In level 3), UKC, and with AWFA (PRGN).

Health Screening: PennHIP .64/.74 with minor changes in the looser hip; normal/normal for MDR1, CEA and PRA-prcd. Copies of her hip x-rays are here, with some explanation of what you can see.