DOOGY is a pup from Mags’ last litter in 2019. We didn’t intend to keep a puppy from that litter, but Doogy came down with Parvo at 9 weeks, while waiting for his new owner to make the long trip to get him. He was very sick, and I gave his prospective owner the option to not take him. Then, by the time he recovered, he had wormed his way into our hearts, and he stayed. Because he missed a critical socialization period, and has a naturally shy temperament, Doogy shows some sharp-shy tendencies. We are working on that as I try to parse out how much is basic temperament and how much was a result of trauma as a puppy (being poked and prodded by strange people, and being treated for parvo) combined with that missing socialization.

Doogy loves to go for walks with me, and spends time exploring all the scents and tracks and trails left by deer, coyotes, mice, and other wildlife. He has an excellent recall. 

He is a very energetic, biddable dog. He shows many of the traits I like to see in a working stock dog – persistence, resilience, biddability, desire to help me, a rules enforcer, and desire to control movement. I am anxious to see what he does when he has the opportunity to work stock.

Doogy is not quite as athletic as his mother, though he is fast and quick. He regularly makes Parkour rounds in the living room – jumping on the couch, over to the lounge chair, over the top, and out the door again! 

Description: Sable and white with a longer natural bobtail. At 18 months, he is about 22″ tall and weighs 60 lb. He has a sleek, lean build, and eats only what he needs to maintain his active life.

Doogy is registered with both the English Shepherd Club Registry and the UKC as Orchard Hill Wild Doogy Plum. The name comes from a character in a Brian Jacques book.

Health Screening: PennHIP to be done when he is a bit older. Embark genetic testing shows he is MDR1 normal/normal but carries both CEA and PRA-prcd, like Mags does. He is clear of other known genetic diseases. I have not decided if he will ever be bred.