Orchard Hill Ranch 

English shepherds

Breeding info

Our dogs are here as working dogs and companions, but I have also decided to breed occasionally.

This is how I place pups:

1) I don't place pups based solely on color or markings. I do take your preferences into account in matching a pup to your needs.

2) I favor homes with stock work for the pup, and if you have a working home, I may confirm that I will place a pup with you when I get your application, though not guarantee which pup will best fit there.

3) I take the names of people interested in a pup any time, and applications once a litter is born.

4) Around 6 weeks, I will start matching pups to the homes that seem to best fit their temperaments. I try to match your "wants" as well as your "needs" in a dog. So, for instance, if you prefer a tri-color, and one of the tri-colors fits your "needs" (for a working dog, for a potential breeding dog, for a family dog, etc.), I will try to match that pup to you.

5) Once I have confirmed that I have a pup for you, a deposit of $50 will hold a pup for you.

6) Pups are ready to go to their new homes when they are 8 weeks old.

All of our pups will be sold with a contract, and I require hip evaluations (PennHIP, OFA, or Canadian OVC) for the pups before they are 2-1/2 years old.