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Planned litter for 2017

Mags has been bred to Peaslee's Howell the Good, with pups due June 30.  I expect these two will produce confident, friendly, outgoing pups that will be able to work any kind of livestock, will be very attuned to their owner, and will be good vermin hunting dogs.  They should produce a variety of colors, including tri-color, sable, seal, black and white, and I expect a fair amount of white on the pups. 

Howie embodies all the traits I was looking for in a good match for Mags - a friendly, outgoing temperament; good stock working traits; good hips; a moderately-sized dog; one with a pedigree that complements Mags' pedigree; and one that can produce sable pups.  You can read more about him on Mary's website. Traits from his description that particularly drew me to him include "strong working drive", "easy-going, adaptable", "intelligence, enthusiasm for work, and a steady temperament". At only two and a half years old, he has earned several working titles through the American Herding Breed Association. His hips are OFA Good, with PennHIP Distraction Indices of .32/.35. His pedigree includes working dogs all through it - dogs that have been bred to be working dogs for generations, with very little overlap with the dogs in Mags' pedigree. The ones that are in both pedigrees are dogs that have reputations as good working dogs, or produced good working dogs.  This will be Howie's first litter. Pups should be ready for their new homes in late August.

If you are interested in a pup, copy and paste my puppy application into a Word document, and send it to me via email or the US Post Office.


                                               Orchard Hill Steel Magnolia

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                                                Peaslee's Howell the Good

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